Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Patreon Campaign: Go Video Production

Hello all! I'm updating today to announce that I am started a Patreon campaign to ask those of you who in the Go community to help support me as I continue to create Go videos.  The reason I am turning to Patreon is because I want to expand my video offerings.  With all of the buzz surrounding Alpha Go, I thought the time is ripe to really push to expose more people outside of Asia to Go.  Currently, I'm doing the "10 Minute Go" series, which is turning into a big hit.  I am working on translating it into other languages (German and Spanish first off), as well as producing more and more videos to provide the Go community with more English language Go materials.

I do a lot to help build the Go community.  I already have around 30 some odd videos produced, and I am constantly improving my video skills and learning how to make the videos more accessible and exciting.  I translate for the AGA E-Journal.  My goal has always been to make Go exciting, to make it friendly, and to make it something that Americans can relate to and integrate into the culture.  In many ways I have been successful, but will continue to refine my  technique.

Of course I will continue to push to make more videos and more materials to learn Go.  I had a plan for a small handout or brochure clubs can use to recruit people.  For my supporters, I offer game reviews and lessons online, as well as special requests for content.  By supporting me, you'll be helping to truly create great content for would-be players.  If you'd like to support me in my endeavors, please click below: