Monday, June 22, 2015

Twitch Channel!

I'm back!

After a long hiatus, I'm back into teaching and playing Go.  You may ask why I left in the first place.  I went to Korea, studied at a professional dojo, wrote 4 books on Go, and looked like I was going to be playing and teaching Go for awhile.

I miss the books.

Well, life got in the way.

Honestly, I dropped the game because it was more like a job than a game.  I'm never going to be professional, nor would I want to be honestly.  So when the game felt like a chore, when studying was no longer exciting, I just plain stopped.  I had gotten a position as a middle school Math/Science teacher, and I just dropped Go.  I knew it was time to do something else when losing started to feel excessively bad.  What made me come back?

I'm leaving for China in August.

Korea was a blats and I'm sure China will be too.

There's no way I'm going to be in China and not play.  So I decided I needed to get back in shape before I go.  Also, it's summer vacation, and Go is always an excellent hobby.  So, I decided to start a Twitch account and stream.  I'll play teaching games, do game reviews, go over joseki, and try to get back into the game in general.  I haven't seen to have gone down in skill, so this should be interesting.

My twitch channel is:

I will archive my exploits on Youtube here:

You can catch me playing on Tygem or KGS on my handle which is, you guessed it, yithril. comments