Thursday, October 21, 2010

I'm still alive

In case you guys were wondering :)  I've been hard at work, translating for as well as helping my mom get her books ready for publication.  First off, some exciting news. Alexandre Dinerchtein 3p has done a review of Level 3 of the So You Want to Play Go? series which you can see on the Life in 19 x 19 thread here:

He has agreed to play the role of expert in upcoming publications, so he'll be working with me for Level 4 of the SYWtPG series, the dan level book, as well as some more ideas I have for future publications (a man has gotta have his secrets).

Secondly, I'll be heading to Peoria for the Heartland Harvest Go tournament on October 30th.  I'm pretty pumped since it's my first Go tournament in....a long time.  The last time I've sat down and played a real game was at my friend Eric's place a few weeks ago, so I hope I'm not too rusty.  I've started with a regimen of doing tsumego problems in between translations, so like I'll translate five problems and then do a few problems from one of my pocket tsumego books.  I know, sounds kind of weird to study problems after translating them but I figure why not?  Gotta cram it in beforehand.

Anyways I'll post some more stuff as time goes on, don't worry, I have some big developments coming and they just require time :p  In any case, you'll see pictures of the tournaments and hopefully I can remember my games to give a good review. comments