Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Wanna Play Go?

My dream has finally been realized and I'm just not sure how to handle it.  Years ago, I wanted to create a website where you could get guided lessons on the game of Go.  I learned the game by reading books in Chinese and Japanese (back when I didn't speak a word of either language).  This was fun, but difficult.  Frustrating might be a better word.  I wanted for others to have an easier time studying the game.  Life happened, and the project got side tracked, but now, Sunday Go Lessons is live!

My aim was to create a "Go Teacher in Your Pocket." Studying Go involves three things: Doing Go problems, learning about new strategies, and getting your games reviewed.  I wanted Sunday Go Lessons to be a place where you can do all three.

The site is for any player from 30 kyu (absolute beginner) to 4 dan.  If you subscribe, you'll get access to tools that will help you get better at Go.  Depending on your level, I break down the different skills you need to master to move up the rankings.  I developed the list of skills from my experience teaching Go players over the years as well as looking at games and asking myself "What is the difference between a 5 kyu and a 10 kyu?"  Subscribers get access to a dashboard that looks a little something like this:

The best way to test your knowledge of the various skills is to solve tsumego problems. Subscribers get access to an online problem solver.  You'll solve Go problems that test your skills, and you'll be able to see in what areas you are strong and where you may need work.

You'll also get video recommendations based on your strengths and weaknesses.  The videos are geared towards boosting your skills in different areas.  The recommended videos are a great way to focus on your own special needs as a Go player. I cover a variety of different topics, and as a subscriber, you get access to the full library of videos, so feel free to learn about what interests you the most.

Best of all, subscribers can get 3 of your games reviewed by yours truly every month. Pick 3 games, upload them, and then I'll give you personalized commentary.  I learned best from the various people who taught me Go over the years, and I know how important it is someone looks at your style and gives you honest feedback on what you need to do. 

As I said earlier, for me, this is the culmination of my dream: a place where newcomers to Go can get a gentle introduction in the game and help when they need it.  I wrote the "So You Want to Play Go?" series, but this feels like it's going even further.  If this sounds like fun to you, go ahead and mosey on over to  A subscription costs $10 a month, or, if you pay 3 months up front, only $8 month. I hope it helps you reach for new heights in the game of Go.