Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Doing tsumego

So this weekend there is a tournament and I've been getting myself ready by doing tons and tons 'o tsumego.  In fact I probably do more tsumego than look at professional games or really anything else because I always feel "charged up" after doing a ton.  A year ago I actually sat down and did some 3,500 problems or so (mostly easy ones) just because usually after I do a ton my playing strength gets a nice boost.  I think I'll go back to hardcore training in December.

Btw, try out this problem for size:

Black to play

Hint: Think shortage of liberties.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Again, still not dead

So I was supposed to report back on the glory that was the Heartland Go Tournament in Peoria Illinois, regaling you with my tales of mingling with the common go players and showing off all of my new found Korean knowledge.  Well, that story will never be told :)  I did awful at the tournament, and because of stupid things.  I would've felt better had it been because my opponents outplayed me.  I would've felt okay if it had been because ... well because of anything.  The first game I missed atari in the endgame (I was so focussed on something else) and my second game I miscounted a capturing race, but not one with a lot of liberties, I simply missed one and assumed I had lost the race.  Before I blundered I had a commanding lead of like 20 points.

I won the next two handily and the last one I did lose but the guy was strong and I made a Ko out of nothingness so it was okay.  So a 2-3 record.  I was bummed, I'm not going to lie, but I will press on.  The next tournament is Dec. 4 and I'll be damned if I miss atari for no reason again :p  Speaking of which, if you live near ann arbor or can make the trek to Michigan you should come to the Ann Arbor Go Tournament.  It's for charity, here's a link:
The United Way is a great charity and there are plenty of prizes so it's worth the drive.  I will be studying hardcore so that I am in shape for it and will not have another upset :p.

Also, I'm starting a diet today.  I'm way too fat, I gained tons of weight in Korea and after being winded waiting on tables today I have to lose some weight.  The diet worked for my friend who has lost over 30 lbs over the past month or so so I'm going to follow suit.  Wish me luck, it's not an easy one :)