Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Malkovich Game

So I'm involved in a Malkovich game on the Life in 19x19 forum.  I really love Malkovich games because you can play at your own pace and it's nice to try and explain your thoughts so that others can gain from them.  I've played a few Malkovich games before, but I thought I'd discuss this one  because the direction of play is especially interesting.  Here is how the game has progressed thus far:
I'm White.  So far things are pretty groovy.  Black has a monstrous amount of territory at the top.  He has maybe 35-40 points easy.  It's a lot of points, but I've got my moyo of justice!  Black plays at 39 which is a good move to move into my moyo.  So, my moyo is deep, but thin, whereas Black has locked up a lot of points, but in the process, his framework on the right side is largely broken up or has gaping holes.  I have yet to decide how I'll deal with Black 39.

In the game Black approached the upper left 3-4 point, but I originally thought he would take the top side.  It's big from his perspective as it gives him a double wing formation, and Black 11 us a huge point to deal with White's territorial framework towards the bottom.  I dunno, Black wasn't bad in the game at all, so this could just be another way to play.  The standard sequence in the upper left was brand new to me though.  I had never seen Black's kosumi there.
Normally it goes like this, and I thought it would be decent for both sides, but Black chose a good sequence and I think both sides were not too far off from one another.  We'll see how the game progresses.  I'll have to go into my arcane den of the dark arts of Go and figure out how to deal with Black's attachment...