Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Go Videos

Some of you may be wondering what kind of videos am I going to offer on the site.  So far, I've put up 4 Go videos on Youtube.  They're not completed, as I'm still getting my Go studio setup and learning the ins and outs of video editing.  Teaching myself a new skill is pretty fun.  Currently, I'm filming at the Wixom Public Library in their recreation room for the low low price of $25.  The librarians love me, so sometimes they let me use the room for free!  The recreation room doesn't have the best light, but I can use my makeshift green screen and lighting, and can produce a few decent videos.  For instance, I made this video to teach beginners the rules of Go:

Hopefully, I can get my home studio setup so that I can make it look as good as possible.  I'm also going to try and use a lot of different techniques to show concepts in Go, like acting stuff out with friends so that it's interesting for people who are not hardcore Go types.  My main hope is to get new players to give Go a try, as well as help clubs reach out to new people.  One BIG thing I want to try for is to have materials for people who teach Go, but are not especially strong themselves, but want something for their class to enjoy.  In any case, any feedback one what people would like to see or what topics they'd like covered, I'm all ears!