Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Kicking off Sunday Go Lessons with Crowdfunding

So, I've put up some sample videos and have been talking about Go for awhile, but now it's time for me to actually get the Sunday Go Lessons Web series up!  To do that, I'm starting a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter, which you can visit here.  The goal is to raise $750 so that I can finish fixing up my studio, get the website done, with some left over for advertising for outreach.  I've paid for most everything so far and have taught myself the joys of video, but just need an extra push from the Go community to get me over the edge.

My videos will have something for everyone.  Game reviews, professional games, lectures on topics like common mistakes or attack and defense.  Some videos will be conventional, some will be a bit on the goofy side.  After all, we're trying to widen the Go playing community.  The main thing that I focus on in lectures is changing the way you think about the game.  The way I learned Go was to forget my mistakes and learn to focus on why certain moves were good.  You literally just forget bad moves and stop considering them which enhances your play dramatically.  It's a good system, and I want to reflect that in the videos.

The videos will be available in multiple languages, because I know from talking to some friends that there is not much out there for French, Spanish, and German speakers as far as Go stuff in their own languages, which makes it harder for them to spread it to a wider audience.

If you decide to donate I will shower you with free videos, review your games, give you awesome advice, and even personally tutor you if that's what it takes.  Heck, if you want to be in a video and can get yourself to Michigan, have at it!