Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thursday Go Tips

Over the past few weeks we've been doing a lot to improve our Go.  We've played blitz, done Go puzzles, and even rocked out to 80s music (well, maybe not the last part).  Today's Go tip is rather simple and is in fact the opposite of my advice from last week . This week, I want you to play a really long game.  It can be online or in person, but play a 60 minute game with someone and use up your time.  This might actually be harder than playing blitz games, especially if you are the type to come up with a move only after a few seconds.  I know I don't think long for my moves unless I need to read out something really detailed.  Long games are good for training your concentration.  When you play in official tournaments, you'll learn to stay focused and ration your energy so as not to burnout during a game.  I don't expect a 15 kyu to be reading out a 100 move sequence, but try to be as detailed and consider as many options as possible.  You can feel relaxed in doing so, as there's tons of time!