Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Go Tips

I love 10 second Go.  My account on KGS is "blitzkrieg" where I only play ten second games of Go.  It really gives you no time to plan ahead, study the board, count, or anything besides read out as far as you can, as accurately as you can, in the least amount of time.  It gets your heart pumping to say the least.  I love blitz and I play it as often as I can because it really helps out my slow games a lot.  So, my advice for today is: play a 10 second game of blitz!  Set your main time to zero and give yourself 5 byo-yomi periods of 10 seconds.  This is not a lot of time to think, and it may be frustrating at first, especially if you're the type of player that likes to really consider each move.  Well, time to get you out of your comfort zone!  You'll feel weak at first, but for me, blitz is a zen experience.  It shows me where I am strong and where I am weak, and translates to more wins in slow games!