Friday, June 15, 2012

Go Videos - A Sample

So I've got some great news: I finally have enough money to get the Go website going and get some of my first videos online.  I have a brand spanking new HD camera I got super cheap on E-bay (Can we say $150?) and the library down the street will allow me to rent out their presentation room for as long as I'd like for only $25.  You've got to love public libraries.  The only thing I have left to do now is continue filming as best I can and come out with maybe 30 videos to start.  I wanted 10 for beginners, 10 for intermediate level kyu players, and 10 for single digit kyu players so there would be enough for everyone.  As time goes on I'd look at my audience and see what types of videos people would like to see.

Now I bet you're wondering what the videos are going to look like.  Well, let's satisfy that curiosity. This one is a small part of a larger video where I go over a professional game between Masaki Takemiya and Chikun Cho.  Let me know what you think!