Monday, May 14, 2012

Belated Sunday Go Puzzle Part Deux!

Sorry, I was busy from the Chicago tournament and forgot to set my blogger update to automatic!  I endeavor to get next week's Sunday Go Puzzle published on...well...Sunday!  As for the Chicago tournament, I did very poorly.  I only won one game out of five.  My Go has really gone south.  I'm making bad mistakes, playing poor shape, losing on time, and all around not having a good go at it. In any case, on to the Go puzzle!

 This one should be fairly easy, if you think about vital points.  Black to live!

Last week's solution

If you saw the diagonal move at 1, then pat yourself on the back.  We know that this is a capturing race, and since there is no way Black can make an eye with one move, we need to make sure White can't.  Also, we're utilizing the fact that White has to waste moves capturing a stone that's not connected with the important group.  After 7, White's toast.