Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thursday Go Tips!

Today's Go tip will seem a little funny, but it's well worth the laughs, trust me!  This has to be done in real life with a real board, because I don't know of any online Go server that will allow this.  Grab a friend, and play a game like you normally would for the first 30 moves or so.  Then, switch!  Yes, that's right, switch roles.  If you're Black, take White, and vice-verse, and take over for your opponent.  Leave the stones exactly as they are.  If your opponent was in the superior position, well then congratulations, you're the one whose winning now!  Then, play into the middle game until move 65 or so, then switch again!  Every 30 moves, switch sides, and continue the game as if you are trying to win.  Of course, you finish the game like you normally would, and neither you nor your opponent are technically the winner.  What this exercise does is get you into the habit of thinking about the board from your opponent's perspective.  All too often we make plans and develop strategies that are dependent on our opponent doing exactly what we want them to do, only to watch on in horror as our opponent does what's best for him, not for ourselves.  This is a great exercise if your opponent is at least three stones stronger than you, so you can see how they salvage a bad situation or what their ideas/moves would be and how they stack up to your own.