Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The "I Sing the Body Electric" Go Tournament in Chicago

Just this past Saturday in Chicago, Illinois over 42 Go players locked horns in do or die board game combat at the Arlington Heights Go Center.  Robert Barber, the tournament director, has been running this tournament since 1992.  A friend of Robert's, Roger White, had encouraged Robert to host the tournament, and it has been a tradition since.  I do not know the story behind the name, "I Sing the Body Electric," but with a moniker like that, you know the story will be good.  The tournament had been held at the University of Illinois, but now there is an Arlington Go Center, and it exciting that so many players turned out to play.  Really.  42 Go players is really a lot of people for an event outside the U.S. Go Congress, so it must have been a lot of fun to have that many people who love the game in one room.  Plus, three of the participants are engaged to be married: Laura Kolb and Lisa Scott (both of whom I've met at Go Congress), and Karoline Burral. In even more good news, my friend Dave Muskovitz won all four of his games, and later on this week I'll review one of them for your Go playing pleasure.  If there is a Go tournament going on near you, I urge you to visit the AGA tournament page and make plans!  They're great fun, and it doesn't matter if you can't tell Go from a hole in the ground.