Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Quick update

So I've been sick this past week and whatever I brought with me is pretty bad.  My mom got sick for 3 days and I've seen anyone blow there nose so much in my entire life.  I got a couple of my friends sick after our "Welcome home Jon!" party so I decided to stay in until it blew over.

So right now I'm job hunting, maybe looking into relocating, so the go stuff will be still in the pipeline but maybe at a slower pace.  My studying ground to a halt but I'm busy translating problems for the Korean Ministry of Culture.  They have a problem series they want on their website and they hired me to translate!  

Also, the problem books will be out sometime in mid-end of October, so keep any eye out.  If you haven't, check out the facebook group and hit like, and hit it 1,000 times so facebook realizes how awesome you think Sunday Go is :)  Anyhoo, expect an update soon.