Wednesday, June 30, 2010

So yeah

So I was going at a good clip this month when I had yet another roadblock.  I went to this place called a Jim jil bang which is a korean sauna.  Let me tell you these places are wonderful.  The one I went to was a huge underground complex with a gym, massage chairs, restaurant, snack bar, massage parlor, movie theater, swimming pool, and 6 rooms to just sit in and sweat.  My favorite was the room where the walls were lined with charcoal. I got to meet some new people and we sweated and froze together while relaxing.  Seriously, a jim jil bang is the mellowest place in the world.  It was quiet and everyone was just there to get away from it all.  At the end of such a wonderful evening, however, I noticed that my foot REALLY hurt.  Like, I couldn't walk on it and had to take a cab home.  I thought it was broken somehow, but I hadn't done anything to it, so I went to the clinic down the street and low and behold I was right, it wasn't broken.  It was infected!  Yay!

So, I came down with a nasty case of cellulitis.  In layman's terms, that means my foot looked like a big red beachball but painful.  Emphasis on the pain.  The guy at the clinic really didn't speak English but he knew enough to tell me my foot was infected and that it was serious.  He swabbed some stuff between my toes, gave me some medicine, a shot in the butt, and sent me home.  My problem was A: Shots in the butt are really uncomfortable, B: I had no idea what I was taking as I was just given a bag full of 5 pills with no markings as to what drugs they were, and C: I didn't know the nature of my infection.  So I did what any good expat would do, find an English speaking hospital.  The thing is, and I am not faulting Koreans or anything here, when places advertise that they are "English speaking" you have to be wary.  English speaking may mean that they have one person who knows the days of the week and the months of the year and not much else, or it might mean they have a Korean American working there, it's a roll of the dice.  I don't really care if the lady at Papa John's doesn't speak English (Yesu, would you likee Lajee Coki, or Lajee Pepushee?) but I do care if my physician can't tell me what's wrong.  So I went to Samsung hospital.

Samsung is pretty much the leetest hospital I've been in in my life.  It was just impressive.  Check out their website:  Their website made me think "Hey, this could work."  I went in and even though not everyone spoke perfectly it was more than enough for me to understand the problem.  Thankfully, I'm on antibiotics and the swelling has gone down, and the pain has gone away completely.  Of course, on Monday when the pain was at its worst the kids all decided that my foot was a trampoline, how nice.

Anyway, go stuff.  I think I am back, I'm almost back to 4d on Tygem.  In fact, let me take care of that now :)