Saturday, May 8, 2010

Perfected Recipe #1 - Zuccini bread

My absolute favorite dessert since I was a kid, my first perfected dish.  It's a culinary masterpiece which is now a permanent member of my repertoire: Zuccini bread.  Sure it has a bit of a Korean finish since I had to use the Korean version of Zuccini.
Which looks like this.

It's called "En Hobak".  Hobak means pumpkin but I think the term is used for any type of squash.  It's got a much higher water content and is a bit sweeter than zuccini but I thought "Hey this is dessert".  I ran all across Korea and back to get the right spices, and after much effort, hard work, and slaving away in my mini kitchen I finally created this:
What makes it awesome is the struessel topping.  The bread itself is spongy and moist yet firm.  The walnuts give it a good texture and did I mention the crunchy cinnamon/sugar struessel topping?  I also got the right spice mixture which is a secret I'm taking to my grave.  The people at worked loved it and we're off to a good start.  Btw, I don't want to put stuff that's too easy on my list, like sautéed vegetables.  I want something that takes some effort and skill.  Anyways, I'll post again later once my schedule settles down.